▶ How To Search And Find Satellite Photos Of A Specified Date And Time

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In 2005, Google launches Google Earth market. is based on a virtual globe where different aspects and maps of the planet are observed. You want to take advantage of this technology? Well, we explain how search and find satellite photos of a given date and time .

This tool Google Maps offers maps to navigate, satellite photos to locate avenues, traffic conditions, among others.

This balloon is formed by the superposition of certain images satellites. Also incorporate pictures of aerial, data the Geographic Information System or GIS & nbsp;. (To be able to query, display maps, etc.) and models that have been created by computers

What are the features of Google Maps and Google Earth?

Google Maps. We can say that basically it is planes of different cities , because through this application you can get directions or places of interest. In addition to transportation is good for you as the kilometers traveled and the time it would take you to reach your destination.

google earth and earth

With Google Earth visualize anywhere, using images that satellites constantly roam the Earth , showing different geographic themes, historical monuments, mountains in three dimensions; Also, you can see other planets and galaxies.

You can find and save photos made by satellites indicating the date and time , locate addresses parks, restaurants, museums, cities near your locality as does Google Maps; you can also add audio for simple travel.

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With the latest update called Google Earth of 29 July 2020 , you can expand different parts of the world, as well as attach photos of the user and create projects to share or modify because they are stored in Google Drive.

How is Google Maps and access to Google Earth?

Google Maps in its light version or app standart commonly used it is a service online that you can use to access your web by any browser; It is also available as App for Android phones in the Play Store.

If you want to use Google Earth, you can accessed from the Chrome browser; but if you have installed this browser, then you can download for Mac OS, Windows and Linux. Now we’ll show you how to search and find satellite photos of a specified date and time.

google earth view of the city

How to search and find satellite photos on a particular date and time?

First of all you inform you that Google Maps Earth, you can create or edit maps if you are interested in more detail we extend it so that you make it easier to work with. Now continue with normal process to search Google Earth:

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