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Google cloud print is an interesting option functional when to print and do not expect a printer handy . Since it fulfills the function of connecting printers that are configured on the web.

For this reason you can access it from the Android device simply having access Internet. this will way print mail you want or image preference only to have the application on the device. With a few simple steps you can achieve print from your Android phone. The steps will be explained continue to print power from the cell the file you want.

Steps to mail or print a picture from the Android device

Initially it should be noted that often is taken into the device & nbsp; number of images or documents to the same as a mail Gmail to print need, but you want to not go through the hassle of sending information from the Android device to the computer as they usually did.

Print with cell

It is important to mention that you can enlist the help of an application which is Google Cloud Print, it can perform this procedure without any inconvenience. So you can print directly from the Android device you count.

First you can configure the printer from your computer, which can be achieved by entering Google Chrome and opening a new tab to access the settings where you can choose the option to print and then select Google Cloud Print.

A can enter the configure the printer you want is important to note that the process can be performed with a Google account or accessing a Gmail account. So to make configuring the printer can access it from your mobile device.

As to having the Google account or Gmail open in your device will be possible to access the printer. For this reason you can achieve print from your Android device, you just have to have it on your fingertips and internet & nbsp;. Similarly you can download the application from Google Play in Android to properly perform the procedure.

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With Google Cloud Print you can easily print from your Android phone

It should be noted that the application of Google Cloud Print is what is officially for the Android operating system. You simply download and install it, once you tell her in the device may share information printed with the application.

Logo Google Cloud Print

Stressing that can be printed images, documents, emails, PDF, and more. You just have to enter the application and from there you can select the printer with which you want to perform the procedure and you have previously configured. you can then choose the printing preference and then select the file or image to finally press «print» .

Apart from the application you can view each print files, as well as the state in which they are and you can choose more files if you want to print.

So to having all set to open can from the device a tab in Google Chrome to access advanced settings, you can then manually access the option to print or entering the application, as you wish. & Nbsp; At the entry you can select the file from Android , then to the select you can click on Print.

It is also important to note that you can directly select the image from the gallery or want to print the mail from the phone. Then you can click the option to «print» found in the three points located on the top right of each option.

Once you do can follow each of the steps also indicate the printer which will print is correctly configured. Just a click can print what you want.

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Finally, we hope this article has helped him help. However, we would like to know your opinion has been print mail Gmail or image from an Android phone ? Do you know other process for performing this action? Leave your answers in the comments.

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